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that was made before election day. again, fast eddie here. i will let him speak. shall we? >> now mitt romney has created some problems for himself when it comes to immigration, when it comes to women's issues that have nothing to do with vaginal management, apparently they are going to equal pay for women. i am getting more burned up, the more i think about it. all right. now this is the locker room today. if this is too much for you, don't listen to the radio show. i am warning you. women! are you awake?! do you know what in thradical outfit wants to do to your rights in the workplace? do you want them managing your vagina? do you want them rolling back women's rights 50 years? i don't know! i am just asking you the question. [laughter] >> sean: i don't know whether to laugh or cry. war on women? >> a little of both. it's interesting, why would a guy talk like that on the radio? you want to reflect that? just out of tackiness or i don't know what the right term is. why would you even go there? you know. there is something wrong with the guy. >> sean: as we move forward, how much material ha
campaigned for governor romney and was for him and disappointed when he didn't win. i'm going to take issue with the perception that people who are poor want to be. and people getting government benefits want to stay there. in my experience as a person who didn't start out on the high end of the economic spectrum on the other end as a pastor for 12 years then as a governor who worked 10 1/2 years and saw more than half the people get off of welfare rolls on to a payroll, people in this country, deep down want to work. they want dignity, responsibility. the idea that people are just delighted to be on a government handout, indicates you must not know too many of the people that i have known. sometimes people give up and they don't think there's any way out of hole. they may resign themselves the only way to survive is through government subsidies and handouts, not because they want to be there. republicans need to be able to talk to the fact of people's real dreams and hopes, which is not to be on government dependent programs but rather to be independent on their own feet living in the home
issue is the economy and jobs. they are not single issue voters. they fundamentally disagree with the republican party and candidate romney. they disagree with almost everyone in the republican party about the proper role of government. what services should provide, what are the things government can do to get ahead. they see them being opposed to what they are doing. it's not enough to say we're fine with immigration. >> so how much of a risk is it within the republican party to make a shift on immigration? such as hannity was talking about? there was an about face there. you have some senators saying, we have to work on reform. isn't it all about votes? it's not about their sincerity? >> it's about votes. this is an 11th hour conversion. there's not a great deal of substance to it. not only saying these kind and sympathetic words about latinos and immigration to bring them over to their side, they could cause a fire storm in their own party by sort of unleashing the furies about this issue. remember the last time they tried to do anything about immigration reform? the repub
stream. the positions of governor romney that he took in the primary on immigration reform. the positions that he took on women's health issues and contraception and planned parenthood drove large numbers of voters away from them, and then on economic, central to this election. they had a theory that frankly was not a popular theory in the country which is that you know, if we go back to tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation that would profit everyone, and then for romney himself, there were specific things that he did. i think that the decision in the final week to try and litigate the auto bailout again, in ohio, had a tremendously negative impact there, and perhaps beyond ohio. so, you know, in the final analysis, there are a lot of factors here, but in the short-term, that was a very bad decision, in my view. >> people are looking to what happened and saying, look, the senate remains with democrat house with republicans. barack obama re-elected. not much change. how can we expect the washington machine, many consider fractured if not paralyzed to get things done? the speaker boehn
the same cast of characters back at the table than you would have if mr. romney would have been elected. they know each other. they've talked about these issues before. they've already winoed down the issues. >> fascinating. if that becomes true. we'll talk more and get other opinions about this. first we have a trivia time. since 1860 how many republican and democratic presidential candidates have lost the general election twice in a row? the answer, three. adlai stevenson, to eisenhower, thomas dewey lost to fdr and william jennings bryan lost to mckinley in both 1896 and 1900. crucified on a cross of gold. if you have a political trivia question e-mail us at daily we'll be right back. >>> kathleen bailey and susan kay are encouraging customers to shop local. they created the monthly ladies night in the magnolia park area of burbank, california to boost sales by staying open late. make sure to support your local retailers on november 24th for the third annual small business saturday. for more watch "your business" this sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. so anyway, i'v
the election campaign. there was a clear delineation between romney and obama that europe was a separate issue but the truth of it that the european economy is enormous and our trade relations are extensive. having a functioning in a stronger european economy is vital to the u.s. host: independent caller from florida. caller: hello. how're you doing, greta? mr. pauker, i think i disagree with just about everything you say. the obama administration is viewed by foreign countries as being incompetent. bullies do not resepct appeasers. there is backed military strength and strong leaders. that is obvious when we saw what happened in benghazi. we watched our ambassador and our man being systematically murdered and did nothing about it. talking to leaders like hugo chavez, castro, and now they say we have someone in there we can manipulate and control almost completely. in the mideast right no, it appears that his policies, and talking about president obama's policy, is to replace the existing rulers with al qaeda. that looks like the next victim will be assaad in syria. then we could be at war in
against john mccain or was it mitt romney? there is so much kind of latent hostility between these two camps that simply has not gone away since -- in four years. there are big issues at stake no question about that, but there is a lot under the surface here between these two. >> hard to believe it only has been a week since the election. the president of the united states reaching out very publicly, very generously today to mitt romney. we're going to have that and more when we come back. settle down. settle. hey. hey. we gotta stay focused. you got one more game to go. you gotta keep that fire in the belly. coach rick's got something for you. [ all cheering ] deshawn! ♪ found out during halftime. [ all cheering ] [ male announcer ] the simple joy of making the grade. ♪ anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ female announcer ] live the regular life. and need
the re-elected president weighs in on your taxes, the petraeus scandal and issues a blazing challenge to those criticizing his u.n. ambassador on benghazi. >> you want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >>> romney's revelation. what he said today about blacks, hispanics and why he thinks obama really won. >>> made in america. would a big corporate giant like sears take your idea and have it made in china? this small town inventor says yes and tries to take them on. >>> and fakeout. what is he doing? was he really pushed? how about him? the crackdown tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with the president. eight days after his re-election energized and diving straight into the headlines. at his first press conference today, he talked about the scandal that took down the head of the cia, the looming fiscal crisis that could raise taxes for everyone on january 1st and then, he came out swinging in defense of one member of his team. and abc's jonathan karl was right there in that room asking questions. jon? >> reporter: diane, this was a confident president today, eag
york. president obama went to bat for the middle class today and mitt romney is still beating up the 47%. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> with respect to the issue of mandate, i've got one manned day. i' -- mandate. i've got a mandate to help middle class families and people trying to get to the middle class. >> the president dry drawas line in the sand for the middle class. >> the only question is are we going to hold the middle class hostage. >> and gets as angry as you will ever see him taking on an old bitter foe. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> tonight congressman tim ryan of ohio on the president's middle class rally be cry. jonathan alter on the epic throwdown with john mccain. plus the new senator even nate silver didn't see coming. >> we missed the north dakota senator. >> yes, you did. >> heidi highcamp joins me for an exclusive interview. and republicans in ohio haven't learned anything. tonight state senator nina turner on today's republican vote to defund planned parenthood. >> good to yo
. >> you don't have an issue with that. may sound like sour grapes as mitt romney tried to explain his election day loss. >> while talking to some of his biggest donors wednesday, romney kind of echoed his 47% remark suggesting the president bought his re-election victory. here is abc's david muir. >> reporter: mitt romney leaving his hotel the day after the election. next to the convention center where he hoped to deliver the one speech he had written. his victory speech. but now in the week since the election, abc news has learned mitt romney has been explaining his loss to his closest advisers and top donors and it started at a breakfast the very next morning. perhaps his most eye opening explanations yet during his conference call with a larger group of donors. romney arguing president obama won in part because of gifts the obama administration had given to particular groups in this country. >> what the president -- the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of this base coalition. give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government. and then work very aggres
romney getting on stage saying, we love women! that was the attempt by her and her husband to bring women voters into the fold because of some of the issues so glaring regarding the republican party. >> sure. in the last closing commercial was that woman jogging pushing the baby stroller. look, they don't get it. the romney campaign didn't get it. the governor, as much as i add hire him for what he's done in public life, he showed his true color in the 47% speech, and he showed them again. these aren't gifts. when you give young people the right to go to college and pay less on their student loan, that's not a gift. that's an opportunity. that's the right thing, eliminating the middle man. when you give women access to contraceptives, that's not a gift. that's the right thing. that's good public policy. i mean, it boggles the mind he considers those things gifts, any more than if the federal gives relief to new jersey and new york from hurricane sandy. is that a gift or is that a helping hand? >> people compare this to the 47% comment he made again behind closed doors with wealthy people.
with hispanics has been well documented. 71% voted for obama. 27% for romney. for walker, does your party need to rethink where it stands on the dream act in an the whole issue of the 11 million illegals who are in this country? >> we need to find a way to move forward. we wantbe more people who want to live the american dream. the country is based on immigrants. we have to find a way to welcome immigrants in. before i was for, i was a milwaukee county executive. historically i would want hispanic leaning person for the county because i had a message that resonateed with everyone. small business owners and choices whparents who want theio prevail. if we share it with all the voters we i'll do better with the hispanic voters or any other voters out there. we will do well because we have a message of prosperity and freedom for all. >> chris: look at unmarried women who backed obama by a wide margin. unmarried women voted for obama by margin of 67% to 31%. governor, you say to republicans don't change principles, modernize, don't moderate. you to know during the campaign the democrats hammer your
about by the president. what does business want on these two issues? >> you know what, i think despite all of their backing of mitt romney who of course wanted to cut their taxes. i think in reality leaders of wall street as was poibtd nted yesterday, are prepared to pay more in taxes. i hear that wherever i go. wealthy people are willing to pay more in taxes. they also want to see it combined with prudent spending cuts that show fiscal responsibility. you know, don't forget bill crystal said last week on fox that when taxes were raised in the reagan administration, he didn't say when taxes were raised in the clinton administration. the economy took off. so i think leaders -- >> it's possible. it's definitely possible. >> talk about the spirit of compromise that he had mentioned. what does the president get here out of this in if he gets business leaders on board to get republicans to deal? if he gets them on board, will it force republicans to deal? >> we've seen repeatedly the republicans are seen on their own planetary orbit. if you get wealthy americans to say to them that you have
reaction on camera to the loss for he and governor romney. let me play it. >> mitt didn't pick me for wisconsin or a certain state. e he picked me for issues, for taking on the debt crisis. we had hoped to win wisconsin. he fought very hard for wisconsin. we cut president obama's lead in half, but nevertheless, it wasn't enough. what it became clear to us as things went on, when virginia and ohio weren't coming together, it looked to me some time early in the evening that it just wasn't going to happen. >> that's his reflection. but moving ahead, speaker boehner was asked whether paul ryan would be the leader of the party. he referred to him as the wonky guy. what are we to make of paul ryan? >> he is the wonky guy. that was a dismissive comment that the speaker made. what he was trying to say is that he's coming back here, the same guy, as when he left. he's going to be a voice on certain issues, but he's not going to be a leader in the party. >> thank you very much. a pleasure having both of you on today. thank you. >>> coming up, john maca fee, he's wanted for questioning in th
on the right side of the issue, according to you? >> mitt romney doesn't speak for me. mitt romney is yesterday's news. he is no longer the candidate. he is no longer the nominee. i think somebody like bobby jindahl is more representative of the republican party. he is a sitting governor. is he the head of the republican governor's association. i think you're going to hear more voices on this like jeb bush, like a marco rubio, like lindsey gram, like john mccain, people w are going to have a much more vocal and big role in the republican party, and are going to be part of this new conversation. you know, mitt romney, i think he was just trying to make an excuse to his donors who have given him a lot of money on why he had lost, and it's easier to make an excuse and blame it on somebody else than to blame it on your own shortcomings. >> all right. we're ing aveo le i ere. i will see how the party braise itself together and attracts, you know, latinos and brings you back. you're still in the fold there, but clearly very upset with mitt romney's take on all of this. thank you, anna. good to see yo
republican leadership. it is a big issue for them. >> it is. it is almost impossible for them to divorce themselves from the right wing media. we heard more criticism of mitt romney particularly the republican governor's association going after him for the gift comments he made which was sort of another version of the 47% comment. they're saying you can't talk to voters that way. noy, jindal from -- you know,endle from louisiana saying this is what the republican party has to get away from. who practically authored the 47% comments? who cheered romney's gift comments? fox news, rush limbaugh. they love this stuff. i wrote about it during the campaign. you know. republican operatives who run campaigns for a living and know or think they know how to win independent voters look at fox news and say you are killing us. you are driving the party into the ground. you can't -- you can't do blunt. you can't win national elections or statewide elections and follow the fox news formula because it turns so many people off.
which is we won't allow taxes to go up, but we will close loopholes and romney lost on that. so there is a sense that obama for the short term has won the argument. >> granted it's a huge issue, but how many people was this election really a verdict on their tax plans? >> well, the argument is that romney often polled very well on competence in the economy, but obama polled much better on understands the needs of people like me. so there's a sense that if it comes down to class and empathy, the democrats have momentum here and the republicans are on the back foot. so in that sense, i think obama has an advantage. on the other hand republicans do have a good case to make when it comes to taxes because something that's not often discussed is that the costs of obama care will start to kick in in 2013. one example, businesses which hire 50th notice ewill face a fine of $40,000 if they don't take on government approved health care insurance. so republicans can argue that when we approach this fiscal cliff, we have to keep costs and regulations as light as possible and any tax increas
to the republican party, the finance chair from that romney one of the single greatest philanthropist on the issue of equality in marriage and equality specifically. ted olsen, we could go on and on but the more we have leaders like that to force that conversation with those elected officials come thither doors wanting meetings, money and fund-raisers that question gets asked in that dialogue happens and i think that helps us further open those doors. we have to see what those opportunities are. we have somebody been leaders for a long time. senator susan collins has been tremendous and without her support we wouldn't have the victories that we have had that my hope is that we will have a lot more that follow her lead. >> what about the democrats? reid has -- are you going to put pressure on him to deliver on that? >> look, it is a crime that we still don't have workplace protection in this country. the vast majority of americans support, the vast majority of republicans supported and the vast majority of conservative republicans supported. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials
prepared for the first debate and comes out of it? >> that's one thing every since i worked for romney six years ago, if i can get this guy in everyone's living room and let them see the command of the issues he has he would be able to win and that was something we looked at preparing for the debate. this is his chance to cut through the 30 second advertising that had been bombarding people with negative information about governor rom me. i was very happy with the performance in denver but largely because as an irish man i expect the worse to happen. he was so good at getting at governor romney and i thought performance wise i started worry. but once the governor gut and he saw this opportunity to cut through that was a talking point but also very true. so i think once he had that up there and he knew he had that opportunity to talk right to voters he took it and we saw the result. >> what do you think he'll do now >> i don't know. i know he'll spend some time with family. one of the things i was struck by was when we were on the plane one of the last few days i asked him. lot of the repor
compromising in washington because they support the same issues. they do not support the people that passed out the money. policies never change. i think the rhetoric is difference. obama had a more sensible foreign policy approach in this last election. romney wanted to increase the military budget by $2 trillion. the policies are exactly the same. i would be a bipartisan in blaming both sides for this. the fiscal cliff is the same problem. look at what the conservatives do when the republicans are in charge. the spending continues. the federal reserve keeps on bailing out the rich. republicans defended the rich. they both defend welfare for the rich. they bailout the very wealthy and the bankers in this crisis. but the people lost jobs and they lost their houses. if we can blame the democrats or the republicans for the problems, we are not going to solve the major crises we are involved in. host: we have a question on twitter. guest: no, i don't. republicans and democrats are in charge. they have control of the system. we send kids to afghanistan and iraq. we do not have real freedom here. if
were the issues americans cared about. economy and then a big storm on the east coast. they covered it and they covered it pretty well. >> jon: the exit polls thought that voters mitt romney was better equipped to handle the economy than barack obama. >> then it says something about the attitude toward the two men and they made a choice or the two parties and they made a choice. if you just go by viewers, fox mrs. msnbc, romney should have won three to one. >> jon: exit polls, some suggest reflected sort of the media theme that barack obama is a kiachbd of the little guy and middle-class and mitt romney is a rich guy that only cares about rich guys? >> i think it's clear that obama is the person who is looking to have middle-class tax cuts and mitt romney was to give tax cuts to rich people. what i would say, the reason i don't think the media played as big of a role in this. the reason barack obama won is because he ran a superior campaign. it was very targeted in these battleground states. i would be more interested in seeing exit polls from the battleground states which unfortuna
it's 1950s when it comes to social and cultural issues and it's not. they believed for years, their own spin, that barack obama was a some secret socialist, a musl muslim, mitt romney played fo footsie with donald trump, his number one birther. they kept saying that this guy isn't american. guess what, most americans don't believe that and you're left with the policy dimensions. the republican party has a problem much bigger than affirmative action could solve. it's not just who they are and what they look like. which is mostly angry, white guys, which armstrong being a exception. whether it's funding for head start, raising taxes on the rich to ensure that we can invest in insfrak structure, education, they're out of sync with these same groups. it's not a surface issue, it's a deep, you know, sort of an infrastructure issue within the party. >> do you think four years is enough time to turn this around? >> give them a year. they'll learn. you know, how the democratics learned from the era of newt gingrich. we go these cycles. look at speaker boehner, he's showing that we ne
was push back about what the republican solution was. there was never a reason to look to mitt romney for those people. >> bill: well, i'll cede that. the governor ran a laid back campaign where he didn't go after the competency issue where he could have on libya, a number of other things, audient do that. he felt that because of the first debate he could ride it out and he would win just purely on economic fear. and didn't happen. going forward, miss schaefer, certainly it is a very challenging environment for the republican party because you have a dependency in this country when more than half of the american homes are receiving some kind of entitlement. so much of that's earned, but a lot of it is not. more than half. they're becoming more and more dependent on washington rather than the republican vision, less and less. >> right. i think one thing democrats have been very successful at is creating many more wards of the state, if you will. that's a serious cultural shift that republicans are up against now. they need to really make the -- get the message out there that limiting -
. sour grapes or does mitt romney have a point? >> well, you know, the president did campaign on those issues, but whether or not he won because of them is a separate question. and republicans are supposed to be the party of personal responsibility. so i can understand why governor jindal was none too pleased with mitt romney's assessment. >> and maria, what about you? mitt romney, he got in trouble after the tape that was leaked of him talking to the donors last spring about the 47% who were in the bag for obama. he apologized for saying that, but then you have something like this. what do you think? >> exactly. and this is exactly why he lost, randi. these comments are absolutely pathetic. and they demonstrate mitt romney's lack of an understanding of who we are as a country, of the demographics of this country, of the contributions that all of these demographics make to this country, and frankly, of his disdain for probably 47% or more of the country. and so i'm glad that republicans are standing up to him, because i think republicans understand that they are standing on the cliff o
for obama, 27%, for romney. governor walker, does your party need to rethink where it stands on the dream act and the whole issue of the 11 million illegals who are in this country? >> oh, i think we need to find a way to move forward and we want more people who want to live the american dream. the country is based on immigrant and we have to find a way to welcome them in and who want to live the piece of the american dream and before i was in governor i was a washington executive and historically won every hispanic warren, because i had a message that resonated with everyone, i had help with school choice and parents who wanted kids to have the opportunity they deserved and we need to talk about that and if we share the message with all the voters we'll do better, whether hispanic voters or other voters. we have a message for all. >> chris: and, unmarried women, voted for obama by a margin of 67%, to 31%. governor, you say to republicans, don't change your principles, modernize. don't moderate. but, you've got to know during this campaign, the democrats hammered your party. when it came
has been well documented. 1% voted for owe -- 71% for obama, 27% for romney. governor walker, does your party need to rethink where it stands on the dream act and the whole issue of the 11 million illegals who are currently in this country? >> oh, i think we need to fine a way to move forward on this. i think we want more people who want to live the american dream. this country is based on immigrants. we have to find a way to welcome all of our immigrants in and all who want to live that piece of the american dream. before i was governor i was an executive and the stories that i won every hispanic ward in the county where i was a county executive, why? because i had a message that met with everything. parents wanted their kids to prevail and get the opportunity they deceive. these are things we need to be talking about. if we share that message with all the voters we will do better whether it's his span >>, young voters or other voters, we will do well because we have a message for prosperity and freedom for all. >> and let's take a look at unmarried women who backed obama by a wid
was going to receive them. romney wanted to give gifts to the rich. obama wanted to give to the middle class and the poor. that debate was decided. it wasn't an issue of gifts. it was who is going to pay for the gifts. a lot of the gifts that obama gave, like obama care, could have given money back to taxpayers through deficit reduction, three reducing health care expenses, student loans the same thing. took the cost out of student loans to taxpayers. the gifts that romney wanted to give to the rich supposedly would have come back to us expanding the economy though there was no evidence of that. romney's gift would have cost taxpayers money. obama's gift saved taxpayers money. >> talk about the splintering inside the republican party or what seems to be happening, you're a supporter of the jindal position which is more tolerant, less coated in racial rhetoric, do you think there's room in the republican party for both of these kinds of voices which is to say, one group of people which is you know karl rove is doubling down saying conservatives shouldn't abandon principles what they need to w
to the republican party of the finance chair of mitt romney, one of the single greatest winterfest on the issue of marriage equality specifically. that helped us open those doors. we have to see what the opportunities are. senator susan collins has been tremendous. you know, without her support, we wouldn't have had the victories that we have had. my hope is that we will have a lot more that follow her lead. >> what about the democrats? the vast majority of people supported it. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials who have not allowed this to go forward. reparations are ahead of congress. many companies have moved forward and have inclusive practices. more than half the states in this country, you can be fired simply for being lgbt. it is outrageous. those who are unwilling to move forward, it is such a simple concept. the most american of values. .. trying to be recognized and have children and don't have health care and your watching the affordable care of, probably more important than harry reid is doing an antidote is a way to access your sustainable health care for your
represent one, latino groups, students, a number of these people were described, as you know, by mitt romney, as seeking free stuff. these are the people who the president apparently duped into voting for him. did that issue come up at all today? >> no. i mean, first of all, you had women groups there. you had the sister simone from the nuns on the bus. what free stuff? are we saying middle class americans when we say that they should not have to pay or extend the tax cut, that that's free stuff for middle class americans whether it's in north dakota or north brooklyn, but when we give loopholes to big corporations or tax cuts to the wealthy, that's not a gift? i mean, i think it's absurd. it's insulting, and it's offensive. i think americans voted. they made it clear where they wanted to go. and i think that rather than mr. romney trying some late minute class warfare or race-baiting, he needs to get in step with where the american people are. >> well, you are a ordained minister, and speaking of strange statements we heard today from franklin graham, son of billy graham. mr. graham tells a
the catholic bishops who disagree with them on this issue? >> the thing about the catholic vote that just jumps up and smacks you in the face is the stark difference between white catholics and latino catholics. white catholics broke 59-40 for romney. obama actually lost 7 points among catholics. but latino catholics, that's almost a third of the 16 million catholics in america, obama actually picked up three points with that group. so if the bishops can't persuade more latino catholics to bring some of their concerns into the voting booth. they are going to be perpetually facing fourth and long to try to move the ball on things they care about. >> a football metaphor. thank you for joining us. #. >>> actor daniel craig makes venus spy look like a pretty cool job. we wanted to know how much of 007 is real and what's a myth. >>> and fast cars are whizzing around a racetrack in texas, we'll tell you why that's got formula one fans so excited. ♪... ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel up high! ok. don't you have any usefull apps on that thing? who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quick
breaking his silence a week after he and mitt romney lost the election wants to get to work. >> the issues we talked about sevenyears ago are what we have today. economy and debt-crisis and i worry about our military. these same problems exist and we have to find common ground to make it work. >> when asked about running on 2016. he said he was tired of presidential pilots right now. >> gas rationing in new jersey came to an end. the was put in place after gas shortages that had cars lined up for miles. governor christy said all supplies are replenished. darkness continues in long island. two weeks and no power. lifa claims that everyone who could get their power back should have ervice restored. there is a caviet of who ca. >> brian: 12 million bucks for a school that teaches 20 kids lucky kids . the white house releases the time line of the petraeus scandal. our next guest said it is full of holes and reeks of a cover up. ♪ ♪ i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i bu
trail, both romney and the president they voided the whole fiscal cliff. there was little talk about what washington will have to do. here we are and have to deal with the major issues that could have a negative impact on the economy. the people who were pushing big deficit packages, even the business communities say, if we get a deal, that would be good for the economy and grow jobs. but if there are tax increases, that could set the economy back. something the cbi warns if nothing happens could send the economy back into recession. the message in washington is how do we avert this crisis. it's not how are we going to create jobs right now. >> i guess we'll have to wait a little longer. thank you. >>> up next, bizarre doesn't cut it. a shirtless fbi agent, another top general and 30,000 pages of e-mails and documents. the new twists and turns in the spy scandal as we roll on, tuesday, november 13th. free app that makes watching tv even better. if your tv were a hot dog zeebox would be some sort of fancy, french mustard. when they magically unite, people would think, "woah, this two
the election. the president has made it clear on this issue he has a mandate. >> if there was one thing everybody understood was a big difference between myself and mr. romney, it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit, i argued for a balanced responsible approach and part of that included making sure that the wealthiest americans pay a little bit more. >> this, of course, is in direct contrast to the mantra of mitt romney and paul ryan, both of whom argued that the problem facing america is not so much its budget, but more its people. people who in the peerless words of mitt romney want free stuff from government. it's hardly surprising that the people rejected the romney/ryan analysis, particularly since it includes military veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. but not only is their analysis complete dawdlwa twadle, it fai recognize something economists know, professor richard laird found that a balanced approach to a fiscal deficit not only balances the budget, it also improves a nation's overall sense of contentment. he found two characteristics he says are crucial to ou
's not going to work. >> so that's the gender issue, but, professor, the president reportedly scored a unanimous victory, and i'm quoting, in 59 voting divisions in philadelphia. mr. romney received no votes whatsoever. in cleveland the president was the unanimous choice of voters in nine precincts. some republicans suggest that perhaps these results aren't legitimate. paul ryan claims to be shocked by the turnout in urban areas, but it's obvious, isn't it? these are the facts. >> these are the facts. these are legitimate. i'm sure they will be vetted and looked over but they will turn out to be legitimate. it's not the first time this has happened. it happened in 2008 in some precincts in some densely populated, largely african-american areas, mccain received zero votes. it might take on more of a story sort of sensibility now because we do have this -- people think of our country as being divided along racial lines but you have to look where those neighborhoods are. north 23philadelphia, west philadelphia, densely populated, predominantly african-american and latino neighborhoods,
, but then he claims they didn't lose the election on budget issues. congressman ryan is wrong. in exit polls 60% favor tax rates increasing either for everyone or for those making more than $250,000 a year. as for urban areas? romney and ryan lost. there is an obvious connection to the republican policy. african-american, latino, young voters, they simply do not buy ryan's approach, and that is every man for himself. let's turn to ohio state senator nina turner. senator, good to have you with us tonight. i think this is important because this is an admission that their voter suppression did not work, and turnout does work. all of the talk before the election did connect with people. information is power. motivation is what makes it happen. ryan doesn't see a connection between his policy proposals and his ticket's -- and the gop ticket defeat. what do you make of that? >> well, i have two words for congressman ryan and the other gop who are out of touch with this. seek help. the fact they don't understand that urban folks, i.e., factory workers, auto workers, teachers, police officers, nurses,
, that there were very frustrated that mitt romney didn't talk about this enough. they felt it was a way to get at president obama's leadership. and i talked to republicans who admit they are trying to make it an issue now. >> you saw a different president obama. >> yeah, he really pushed back on john mccain and lindsey graham and called it outrageous that they would make these charges about her, that she knowingly disseminated false information. he said look, if you have a problem, take it up with me. in his own way, he was very testy today, and in his own way, he was saying to john ccain, you want to make this an issue, buddy? dare me to nominate her. it really sounded like in reading between the lines that this is something he's interested in doing this is a political fight that's not going to go away. one thing that struck me, the president talked about going after her, because she's "an easy target." well, what does that mean? because she's a woman, the only one out there using the information she had? it's interesting to me. i'm not quite sure what the president was talking about. >> ther
, i think that we're going to see benghazi only get bigger. if governor romney had won, it would disappear as an issue. however, i think you're going to see the g.o.p. try to use it as much as they can. and again it is disgusting. i think that everyone out there listening has the right-winger who watches fox who they work with and their vocabulary is noun verb benghazi. i think one of the growing challenges for progressives in the weeks to come is going to be how do we get the facts to talk about benghazi because i don't think the progressive media has done enough. i don't think the mainstream media has done enough to talk about what's actually going on there. i think the story is going to revolve quite a bit but can we play governor romney really quickly? this is from yesterday. i think this is the most telling thing he said in quite awhile. mitt romney made his first public comments since losing the election in a telephone conference with his donors and some really fascinating content. let's play that. >
governor romney would win. maybe i should keep my predictions to myself, but i can't stop off in my judgment of the biggest issues of the day. so here is my take, my opinion, my forecast. i do not believe they will be a huge tax increase in spending cuts come january 1. i do not think we will go fully over the fiscal cliff. i think there will be a deal, the president will get his way and the republicans will cave. spending cuts will be promised, but the future, that is what i think will happen. why my going out on a limb like this? i can see the writing on the political wall. think of what will happen at the end of december. republicans still holding out against taxing the rich. the president says you are pushing america into recession just to protect your millionaire pals. i won the election, you back off. that is applying political pressure big time. it is political maneuvering with the president holding the upper hand. that is why i think there will be a last-minute deal. republicans retreat and taxes go up. please understand, i think this is a mistake, it is a bad policy. it wil
women? in terms of choice. in terms of contraception. in terms of economic issues. in terms of equal pay for equal rights the lilly ledbetter thing which mitt romney says he would not have signed. >> exactly. you know, look, i think that the -- when it came down to it, the election was about the economy. and on the part of the voters as to who was better able to lead this economy into real growth and real prosperity and women overwhelmingly actually concluded that the kinds of programs that mitt romney and paul ryan are pitching are wrong for the country. at the same time, the women who did vote for romney and ryan, what i hear a lot from women and this is -- anecdotal but it is that oh, i'm not worried about reproductive rights. that's never going to happen. we're not really ever going to lose that. oh i worry about jobs. >> bill: think about the supreme court. >> right. exactly. we dodged a bullet, hugely. if romney had won this election, we would be look at absolutely the overturning of roe v. wade. one o
chair from mitt romney is one of the single greatest the lampas on the issue of equality and marriage equality. we could go on and on. the more we have leaders like that, that for such conversation, when those elected officials come to their doors one in meetings, money, fundraisers, that dialogue happens. that helps us further open the restores. we have to see what the opportunities are. some have been leases for a long time. my hope is we will have more that follow susan colin' lead. >> what about the democrats? are you going to put the pressure on harry reid to deliver on that? >> it is a crime that we still do not have workplace protection in this country. the vast majority of americans supported. the vast majority of republicans and conservatives support it. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials who have not allowed this to go forward. many countries have inclusive practices are fully inclusive. a number of states have moved forward -- where in than half of the states , you can be fired for being lgbt. it is outrageous. it is like legislating the golden rule in
in undecided by in particular on the presidency, by making mitt romney questionable in their mind on our set of issues. might not be able to totally close the deal with them, but could keep the elevator doors, you know, hold it open until we could see that the economy starts to come up, see the ext pat's campaign do that closing argument that really did finally tip them over. i think that was the role that we played in there with a lot of these independent women. just kept them from out of frustration going to your point. i'm frustrated, i don't know about the future, i'm just going to go for change. no, wait, got to learn more about this guy. >> is there a difference in the way you talk to voters if you're trying to get them to vote for president obama versus trying to get them to vote for a woman running for the senate or the house? i mean, you were kind of in the middle of. that both of you were at the cross section of that in a lot of ways. all of you women's vote was at the cross section of that. >> who should start? [laughter] >> what about wisconsin? >> in the tammy baldwin-tommy thom
on that issue, as well. and he said again he wants to meet with the man he defeated last week. >> i-- i'm sure that governor romney is spending some time with his family. and my hope is, before the end of the year, though, that we have a chance to-- to sit down and talk. you know, there-- there are certain aspects of governor romney's record and his ideas that i think could be very helpful. and, well, to give you one example, i do think he did a terrific job running the olympics. >> reporter: no word on when such a meeting could take place. >> ifill: in case you missed it, you can watch the complete news conference on our web site. coming up, more from the president's first post-election news conference on the investigation into the generals' scandal and his second-term agenda. plus, israeli air strikes in gaza and one family's battle with meningitis. but first, with the other news of the day, here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: the president's challenge to republicans today on taxes sets up a new confrontation in congress. even before the white house news conference, senate minority lead
for the first debate and comes out of it. >> that was one of the things ever since i started working for romney six years ago, if i could get the guy in to everybody's living room for ninety minutes a seen et communed of the issue he has and the vision for the country that he would be able to win. that was something that we looked as we prepare forked the debate. this is his chance to sit down for ninety minutes and cut through the thirty-second advertising that bombarding people about the negative information about romney. i was surprised not just i was happy with the performance in denver. i think largely because of an irishmen. i expect the worse to happen. i was so -- you know, you are pleasant surprised. but the prep session i didn't believe went very women. i thought extraordinary and good at getting at romney and putting him on the defensive and june, you know. i thought the performance wise it was talking point and it was true. once he knew that and took it and didn't we saw the result. >> what do you think he'll do now? >> i don't know. he'll spend time with family. one of the things i
from this stuff. >> i will take issue, toure, with something you said that talking about democrats reaching out to the least fortunate and the most vulnerable. i don't think that's what romney is talking about, and i think, you know, a little uncomfortable to classify women and minorities as vulnerable and least fortunate. i think he's talking about broad groups and not just the poor or the im pov riched. he's talking about big demographic groups you would not classify as vulnerable or weak. >> when liberals want to protect personal liblt, and that's what liberals are all about. when you talk about women having the right to make their own choices with their body, that's protecting personal liberty. we're talking about affirmative action. >> i don't think we need to classify them as weak. women aren't weak because they -- >> i didn't -- i certainly never said anything about women being weak. >> the bigger point to what steve was saying, is the republican party has to break out of this druj rush limbaugh cocoon. this is what romney mnmitt romn almost verbatim what rush limbaugh said
issue. we talked to him about jobs. buffett is more optimistic than most people. i want you to hear our exchange. >> both president obama and governor romney's camps put out there that their plans could feasibly create 12 million jobs over the next four years. my colleague ali velshi has been hammering away at this, saying that math doesn't add up. it's tough to do that and see that happening. do you think that's at all realistic? >> people toss around numbers in cap pains. it's silly to say this will create 2 billion jobs or this will cost 8 billion jobs. they don't know. it will get them in the papers, get them on television, but what will create jobs in this country are the same things that have created for the last 200-plus years. the american economy works very well. we went through one of the great financial panics of all time. and we have been coming back from that, and we'll continue to come back from that. but it doesn't happen in a week or a month when you have this sort of cataclysmic panic we had, really, particularly in the financial world. but it was housing induced bubbli
on election day while but 27% backed mitt romney. but now leading republicans say they have different ideas on just how to change the nation's immigration system. mike emanuel in d.c. tonight. how are conservatives approaching this issue that has clearly divided republicans in a huge way? >> well, shep. they suggested republicans believe they are the party of free marks and the party of family. the nation embraced fixing the immigration problem in a compassionate way. >> you know how many families were broken up in mexico? and in central america? of people who come here to work, leave their spouses, their children back home. and they never see them. they may -- they have the commitment to send remittances but then they start families here in the united states. it's breaking up families. >> others suggest what's being discussed in washington is essentially amnesty. a spokesman for a group called fair says, quote: immigration reform as it is now being discussed is centered on rewarding those who have broken our laws and making it easier for millions more people to enter the u.s. legally so t
of step, you know on the hot button issues were that shouted down by fox news. why do you think mitt romney had to adopt this in sane immigration stance to get through the republican primary? you do it to please fox news, rush limbaugh, to please the right wing media and that's why the republican party is in such a trap. after mccain lost, they ceded all of their public authority to the media and now they're saying we need to get it back. good luck. >> stephanie: and we do and best of luck to them. eric boehlert, thank you. we'll see you next week, honey. >> what? >> stephanie: raise maxes on millionaires. we heard at the top of the hour, you heard norquist saying the president only won because he called mitt romney a poopy head. i must have missed that part. do we have it? yeah, here we go. i got to hear that again. and this is a guy named grover. >> the president was committed abelected on the basis that he was not romney and that romney was a poopy head. [ laughter ] >> this just in, grover norquist sadly drowned in a bathtub. >> stephanie: that's it. that's a good election analys
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